Always-on, DevOps, ephemeral systems, containers, docker and at-scale systems drive a new and unique challenge to configuration management. Reflex is the answer.


Conventional configuration management systems focus on servers, and pivot around static assets. These systems struggle with continuous software delivery, safe management of secrets, and Infrastructure as Code.

Reflex centers itself around the concept of services, live configuration states delivered at run-time and ephemeral deployments in continuous delivery pipelines.

Reflex is not designed to be a software delivery system, nor is it designed to be a software build system. It is instead meant to fill in the gaps of the variety of existing systems, fixing many of the challenges faced as the industry evolves and improves.

It is designed with modern ABAC security concepts to address secrets in the emerging "Internet of Things" world, and is meant to support secure run-time delivery of services, enhancing the solutions you already may have in place today to improve your options beyond what is possible with your current tools.

Reflex may not be for you if you are only interested in a handful of containers in a single environment (no tst/qa/stg/prd) and a few environment variables. If you are wrestling with managing the sprawl of microservices, pipelines and coherency around both, or if the rabbit-breeding key-value secrets in vault/etcd are getting you down (or heaven forbid you are storing your secrets as plain environment variables), then Reflex may be of value.

Reflex is Open Source Software, built by a community.